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Doug Thiel Owner Doug Thiel, Owner

Doug Thiel, the founder of Thiel Air Care has been flying Ag Aircraft since 1977. Armed with a BA in Ag Business from Fresno State University and being raised on a cotton/grain farm in the Chowchilla/Le Grand area he understands the challenges area growers face. A hands on owner/operator he understands that one cannot ever stop learning if one is to survive in today’s modern agriculture. To facilitate this he remains active in State (CAAA) and National Association groups (NAAA) as well as many local community committees and groups. Currently he is Vice-Chairman of the California Agricultural Aircraft Association in Sacramento and a 7th year PAASS Presenter with the National Agricultural Aircraft Association (NAAA) located in Washington DC. Being one of twelve active national presenters, programs are presented to State Associations throughout the contiguous United States during the offseason, a presenters home state is never on the slate, everybody knows that the dumbest person living always resides across the street! PAASS stands for “Professional Aerial Applicators Safety Support” and is a program designed to promote safety and professionalism, reduce accidents/fatalities and drift incidents throughout the country through education. The program originated in 1999 and has proven to be highly successful. Among its many sponsors and supporters are Chemical Manufacturers, Chemical Companies, Insurance Companies, Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers and even the EPA. Each year personnel from Research and Development work side by side with Applicators to create a real world/scientific program that hits home with the audience. Four one hour modules involving Security, Human Factors related to accidents, a Drift Module that defines the science of drift movement and concluding with a “Hangar Flying” session that deals with new and current legislation that affects Ag Pilots and also challenges knowledge of application in today’s environment. Doug is very proud to play a part in maintaining and elevating the knowledge manning the cockpits of today.

Read Owner Doug Thiel's biography at the National Agricultural Aviation Association Website.

Company History - "A Family Atmosphere"

From the very beginning we have had a Christian Family atmosphere and want to make you feel like one of us. In 1997, Doug and Alison Thiel formed the company with the help if Susan “Lindy” May- Doug’s sister. Bonnie Thiel (mother) helped in the office for a number of years and Ed Thiel (father) spent most of his retirement years as Doug’s “field finder”. Through the years at times Lindy’s daughter (Katie) answered phones and husband Dusty has worked on the ground crews. Brother-in-law Art Handy, Son –in-law Ross Anderson are airplane pilots on staff and Robert Thiel (Son) flies our Bell 206 helicopter. Imagine that much family and still spending Christmas together.

A “Family Atmosphere is how we are most comfortable and wouldn’t have it any other way! Every member of our payroll have become extended family which makes us who we are! We love interaction with our customers and vendors and will do everything possible to make your experience with us enjoyable too!

Robert Thiel Helicopter Pilot
Robert Thiel - Helicopter Pilot

Our Pilot Staff

Pilots Jeff Drew Ross Anderson Doug Thiel Art HandyJeff Drew, Ross Anderson, Doug Thiel, Art Handy

Our pilot staff includes a mix of experience and youth. Art Handy has been with flying Ag Airplanes since 1993 after a Twenty year career in the Air Force as a high ranking mechanic. He has amassed over 30,000 hours of flight time and brings tremendous skill and professionalism with him. Jeff Drew is a Dos Palos product who brings an incredible commitment to his profession. In 1996 after a decorated Army career he threw himself into the world of aviation and has become a remarkable asset not only us but to our Industry! The future of the Company lies with the son and son-in law of the Company. Robert Thiel after college spent two tours in Iraq while in the Air Force flies the Jet Ranger. He is a constant student of Aerial Application and has become very proficient in the Helicopter.  Ross Anderson is married to the boss’s daughter, a second generation Ag Pilot and the son of a champion of Aviation. He displays tremendous skill and like Robert is a student of business.

Our Ground Crew

In today’s “Precision Agriculture” the ground crew cannot be overlooked. Along with advanced materials that are so specific to their use, application rates have become so exact devastating mistakes can be made before the material ever gets pumped to the airplane. Also the urbanization California is experiencing brings Aerial Application an immense amount of risk we didn’t have to deal with in the past. The “Field Finders” a tasked with dealing with problems that cause heartache for everyone. Our “Ground Crew” is second to no-one.

Larry Tubbs Supervisor
Larry Tubbs, Supervisor

Martin Marquez Aircraft Maintenance
Martin Marquez, Aircraft Maintenance

Skip Whiton Truck Maintenance
Skip Whiton, Truck Maintenance

Field Finder Crew Raymond Salazar Jose Sanches Matt Shuemake Alex Velasquez
Field Finder Crew - Raymond Salazar, Jose Sanches, Matt Shuemake, Alex Velasquez

Loading Crew Aaron Rocha Leroy Conley Jason Tubbs Gabriel Olaque
Loading Crew - Aaron Rocha, Leroy Conley, Jason Tubbs, Gabriel Olaque

Office Staff

Without our “Girls in the Office” we would be nowhere. We are believers in technology and utilize it every way possible. This all starts in the office! GIS Mapping has made life in the cockpit much easier both day and night; however this is all dependent on the accuracy of the inputted information.
Our staff consists of Lindy May (Thiel) who has been there from the start. Anita Diedrich hails from Firebaugh, an impeccable “Moral Compass” and a profound dedication to details makes her invaluable!
The welcome voice at Thiel Air Care, Inc. belongs to Patricia Tubbs, she answers phones, processes orders and is tasked with making your life better when you need us.

Lindy Thiel Office
Lindy Thiel

Anita Diedrich Office
Anita Diedrich

Patricia Tubbs Office
Patricia Tubbs

Service Locations

  • Chowchilla, CA
  • Firebaugh, CA

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